To bring back traditional sandal footwear with in a modern style of living.

The project started with only four people in a small country town in Nara.

That’s the beginning of DESIGN SETTA SANGO.

The conventional image of Japanese traditional footwear is that they’re hard to walk in painful, and only used with a kimono or yukata.

We try to break with those general ideas and redesign a totally new footwear to fit our modern lifestyle.


design setta

Our two main concepts are “comfortable” and ”design”.

The straps made by SETTA craftspeople whose special skills are passed from generation to generation in Sango town are pain free. Even people who don’t wear SETTA very often can walk in them for a long period of time.

The products of DESIGN SETTA SANGO are very comfortable footwear.

By improving the quality of design,traditional craftwork reappears as new fashion items. We have passion for making products that people think are cute, cool and want to wear at first glance.

We try to develop SETTA in Sango from a local industry to a local outstanding brand with traditional craftspeople’s skills and new creative ideas.


SETTA are a kind of Japanese traditional sandal (zori).

Because the sole is covered with leather, you can walk in wet conditions. People who lived in the Edo period used them in daily life.

DESIGN SETTA SANGO is based on a hundred year history, in a center of the Japanese footwear industry and using the traditional skills of the craftspeople.

Straps: The key of design

DESIGN SETTA SANGO uses wider straps than usual because we want to express how beautiful and cute the pattern of the materials. At the same time, it maximizes the comfort.

The traditional Sango craftspeoples’ skills enable us to produce cute and comfortable straps.


We use the same material that’s used for Panama hats or jute bags for insoles. This material absorbs and dries sweat from your foot. Under the insole, additional material provides extra comfort.

Soles: EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate)

Instead of using leather, we use EVA which is suitable for both indoors and out. EVA combines elasticity, durability, and lightness.

Our original logo is imprinted on each sole.
We have cool and cute SETTA for everyone!