Exhibited in San Diego, USA

We exhibited at the "CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVAL" held in San Diego, USA on March 12th and 13th, 2022. The "Cherry Blossom Festival" sponsored by JAPANESE FRIENDSHIP GARDEN is a popular event that many locals who are interested in Japanese culture visit every year. In a park where cherry blossoms bloom, there is sometimes a two-hour waiting time to enter.

Rinko Kimino coordinated DESIGN SETTA SANGO for the cherry blossom festival this time. She lives in the United States, and in addition to writing books about kimono, miscellaneous goods, and kabuki, she is also involved in many activities to introduce Japanese culture to the world.

Mainly exhibits the Tenpyo series. The booth has a simple and luxurious design that conveys the high quality of the footwear.

In order to dispel the image that footwear with thongs hurts, we asked them to try them on so that they could feel the softness by touching them.

Aiming for "comfort" that people around the world can feel. We will send out to the world from Misato Town, Nara Prefecture.

Thank you Mr. Kimino for coordinating on site.

Many Americans are following the DSS Instagram English page. I want to walk around the earth, step by step, wearing Setta.