Make SETTA the world standard

Like people all over the world drinking coffee every morning and preparing their daily lives
I want to be the one who can make your tomorrow happy today when you wear SETTA.
A blend of tradition and innovation. To the future of products beyond that.

Sango Town, Nara Prefecture has been a region where the manufacturing industry of sandals and setta has been flourishing for more than 100 years, and craftsmen are still exercising their skills today.
The setta, which is carefully made by repeating the process one by one, is more comfortable to wear as you walk, the more it fits into the shape of the person's foot.

  • DESIGN SETTA SANGO has more steps than normal setta to make it softer and softer.
    Furthermore, we are very particular about design and have created value as "fashion required" instead of "preserved tradition".

  • Brand launch in 2013.
    The small brand, which started with just four people in a corner of Japan, held a sales event at a small cafe with the ambition to bring hanao footwear back to modern life.
    The reaction was beyond expectations.

  • The fun of "setta at the cafe" and "overwhelming comfort and cuteness" became a hot topic, and word of mouth spreads steadily in the second and third years.
    Eventually, it caught the attention of the media, and its attention was further increased by TV coverage and newspaper publication.

  • He also won various awards and became a hot topic on Instagram.
    When online sales are finally started in response to requests for setta from all over the country, orders will be widely received from Hokkaido to Kyushu.

  • In addition to Milano Salone in Italy, we have exhibited and sold in the United States, China / Beijing, Taiwan, and Singapore.

DESIGN SETTA SANGO has two main characteristics.
"Comfort" and "design" is.

① Hanao

Traditional setta DESIGN SETTA SANGO
shape It's thin and hard. It hurts when it hits your foot, and the shape is hard to get used to. Rounded and thick. 4-layer cushion material, cotton It fits the shape of the person wearing it. This technique can only be done by skilled hanao craftsmen in Misato.
Cloth There are many Japanese patterns, and the part that touches the foot that cannot be seen from above may be spliced with different fabrics. We use vintage European fabrics and collaboration fabrics with Japanese textile artists. For a design that is easy to match with jeans and skirts. Because it is finished with one piece of fabric, it is cute from any angle at 360 ° C.

② Heaven

Traditional setta DESIGN SETTA SANGO
shape Many of them are square and elongated, and the little finger may stick out for people with a large width. Make your own mold. A bale-shaped round shape that can take a firm width Originally designed. Finish directly on the bottom, which requires more advanced technology, without using bias (border removal) "Tenmaki" is doing.
Material Tatami-style rushes, PP-pasted ones for Nakai-san at the inn, aquatic plants, etc. Used for hemp bags of coffee beans Uses jute and Panama-style PP. It absorbs sweat and has excellent breathability. Two layers of cushions, soft and flexible, are included for a fluffy feel. Feels good. Technology that only skilled craftsmen can do in Misato.

③ Bottom (there)

Traditional setta DESIGN SETTA SANGO
shape Mostly flat. Thick, curved lines. It is warped by craftsmen in the process of pasting the heavens and the bottom. The back side has a logo mark.
Material It was skinny and thin, and it was said that it was smart to put an iron stud in the heel and squeak with a rubbing foot to walk. The material is the original EVA However, you can wear it as if you were wearing shoes. It is also environmentally friendly because it is a sole company that also handles toys for children in Gose City, Nara Prefecture.
Use Mainly for men or kimono, only for outside wear. It can be used as room shoes as well as outside shoes. A bottom that does not lose to asphalt and does not damage the flooring. Casual style for men and women of all ages.

④ Maetsubo

Traditional setta DESIGN SETTA SANGO
How to sew Mass production by sewing What was done Straight and hard It will be finished. This causes pain. Made by hand sewing. Because it is made by a skilled craftsman until the end, it is finished in a thong. Soft but chewy Can be attached quickly. As you wear it, Maetsubo stands up in the shape of the person's feet.