Original socks jointly developed by a local industry representing Nara

Sango Town / DESIGN SETTA SANGO (setta) × Koryo Town / Yamaya (socks)

Makes setta easier to wear and makes it look more beautiful. A new sock that pursues functional beauty and design was born.

DESIGN SETTA SANGO feels good on bare feet, but many people wear socks because they don't want to cool their ankles.
So I wondered what kind of socks have the functional beauty that is most suitable for setta.

Yamaya Corporation, which was founded in 1918, developed it together.
We are developing world-class products based on a history of nearly 100 years from Koryo Town, Nara Prefecture, which boasts the largest production of socks in Japan.

I was particular about the same "comfort" and "design" as making setta.

material uses a technique of dyeing organic cotton to achieve a unique color and feel.

Also, by changing the rib knitting tone in 4 stages in one pair of socks, it is finished in a beautiful silhouette that is hard to shift.
Especially because the width of the rib on the ankle is narrowed, it has the effect of making the ankle look thinner. In addition, the logo print that also prevents slipping under the heel and the tape processing that prevents the inside of the toes from slipping up are truly unprecedented for wearing setta.

Because it is a leg warmer style with open toes, you can enjoy link coordination with nail art.

The color is simple so that you can enjoy the design of the thong and the foot nails.

It doesn't cool your ankles, it's comfortable to wear, and it's even more beautiful.
Please enjoy the socks developed for wearing setta.

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