Brand introduction (in no particular order)


"Manufacturing starting from print design"

Geometric motifs with refreshing shades can be matched by both men and women.
A new heaven that arranges baptized textiles and original aquatic plants with craftsmanship.
It starts as a new product from old materials.

シミズダニ ヤスノブ

JUBILEE Designer / Shimizudani Yasunobu

From April 2008, he started the original textile brand "JUBILEE" with the concept of "manufacturing starting from print design".
In June 2014, "JUBILEEgg" was newly announced as a work item line.
Part-time lecturer at Tama Art University, Bunka Fashion Graduate University, and Nagaoka Institute of Design.
Author of "Textiles & Sewing" (Cultural Press)

chiku-chiku / OSAKA

"Fantastic art in the world of hanao"

Although he is an embroidery artist, he also handles dynamic painting, and the designs that are conscious of the three-dimensional effect when used as a thong are hand-sewn one by one.
It is an artistic design with a Japanese taste, such as hand-painted Yuzen and sequin beads.


chiku-chiku Embroidery artist / painter / Kayo Noguchi

Using techniques such as Japanese embroidery, French embroidery, ribbon embroidery, bead embroidery, and hand-painted Yuzen, we make accessories, bags, clothes, etc., and dynamically art mural paintings such as painting the entire building, focusing on the colors of kimono peculiar to Japan. ..
Exhibited at JAPAN EXPO held in Paris in 2015 and became a hot topic.


"One pair of flower setta, your own flower setta"

Arrangements that are conscious of antique-style arrangements and sweets.
Making full use of art flowers etc., the world of Guri spreads on a small thong. It is a premium setta that does not have the same one because she arranges each pair with her thoughts.


VERT DE GRIS Florist / Sayaka Furukawa

Graduated from the Visual Design Department of Kyoto College of Art.
After working at a design office, florist, etc., he became independent as a free florist in 2004 and launched VERT DE GRIS.
2010 Opened a flower cafe VERT DE GRIS in Kizugawa, Kyoto.
With 2 stores in Kizu and 1 store in Umeda, it is widely used as a flow list.

kitutuki / TOKYO

"I want children to wear it."

I want you to stretch your gentle and vivid textiles a little and wear them fashionably with adults.
The genuine technique of the craftsman does not hurt the footwear of the hanao.
I'm sure you will like it and run around.


kitutuki director model / asaco

Kids brand by model asaco and textile designer Shimizu Daniyasunobu.
Using original textiles, we propose clothes and accessories that make children's lives more enjoyable. Not limited to the field of manufacturing, we also hold workshops for kids that make use of patterns and design the entire lifestyle.

admi / TOKYO

"The gentle texture is due to the woodblock print."

"With traditional technology, we deliver new designs by hand."
Here is an important commonality between admi and DESIGN SETTA SANGO.
Her textiles are designed in Tokyo and sent to India where local craftsmen manually print them on Indian cotton using traditional Indian technique woodblocks.
Both the designer and the craftsman who is responsible for it have a relationship of trust and are proud to produce. It is something that we have in common.


admi designer / Chiharu Hori

After studying textile design at an art university, he met woodblock printing in India after graduating and started admi in 2008.
With the cooperation of Indian craftsmen, we are particular about woodblock printing and Indian cotton, aiming to make a fun and comfortable cloth.

makumo / FUKUOKA

"It's a little strange, but I miss it somewhere."

The joyful and grinning feeling is designed with excitement and seriousness.
We want to deliver "special things" because it is an era full of things.
What makumo wants and aims for is "fun".
I would like to have fun with everyone who is working on manufacturing together.


makumo Designer / Miki Fukuyama

Has a workshop in Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture.
"Mysterious cloths of lines and colors that design the liveliness of life."
Worked on "design", "dyeing" and "product production" in a small atelier on the beach. Collaboration with Onitsuka Tiger and exhibiting in New York are also talked about.

iro ito / NARA


Many people think of "deer" and "big buddha" when they think of Nara, but I think of walking around town, walking, everyday life, boys and girls, bow ties, and obi. I tried to express the "nara" that I have felt since I started living in Nara.


iro ito Designer / Yukari Tanabe

He studied cloth at the University of Royal Melbourne, Australia, and was particularly fascinated by textiles, spending time surrounded by threads of various colors. While appreciating the power, culture and lifestyle received from the colors, I am aiming for a creation that makes me feel something warm and unintentionally smiling.