Produced Japan Heritage event social experiment

Tatsuta Kodo and Kamenose, which are Japan Heritage sites that straddle Misato Town, Nara Prefecture and Kashiwara City, Osaka Prefecture. For several years, DESIGN SETTA SANGO (DSS) has also been involved in the dissemination of information, such as by participating in the local Tatsuta Kodo Project.

This time, our company representative Kazuhiko Hoshida was involved as a production producer in this social experiment for the utilization of the Kamenose Tunnel.

Planned by Sango Town, Kashiwara City, Yamato River Office (Kinki Regional Development Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism). DSS was in charge of the concept planning, casting, and general direction.

This time DSS is a setta installation with lighting production and ballet dancers x live music. In addition, I was able to perform the Manyo course and heart reading, and the production of Kashiwabara wine from Osaka.

We wanted to preserve the splendor of this tunnel for the next generation, so we planned the project based on the concept of leaving the tunnel in its original state when it was discovered.

DSS's performance was performed by "URAMADO" Guitar/Yoshikazu Masokoro, Yuya Matsuura, Percussion/Kazuto Kimura, Dance Mayu Uesugi (Director of Mayu Uesugi Ballet Studio).

Mr. Uesugi, who dances in layers of light, expresses stillness and movement so lightly and supplely that you wouldn't believe he was wearing a setter. He fascinated Setta beautifully.

On the contrary, I was impressed and confident when I received compliments on the Setta, saying, "I was surprised that it was easy to wear and dance."

Also, I hope that you can use the DSS setter in various performances in this way.

I would like to continue to play a part in conveying the charm of the Japanese heritage "Tatsuta Kodo" to everyone.