About sales

DESIGN SETTA SANGO2021 We would like to inform you about the sale of new products.

■ online store ■

It will start on this website from 21:00 on May 1st. The series to be sold are vintage series and Africa series, vert de gris series and kids series.

■ SHOP ■

Over-the-counter sales will start on May 6th at the flagship store "CAFE FUN CHANA" in Sango Town, Nara Prefecture. The opening hours and dates are based on the cafe's business schedule. The product lineup to sell is the same as online.

CAFE FUNCHANA http://www.funchana.com

◇ Regarding the online store ◇

You can now purchase from this HP instead of the online-only address until last year. In addition, due to the system renewal, you will be required to re-register the customer information that you have already registered. We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.