Relocation of sales outlets

Our flagship store in Misato-cho, Nara will be relocated.

The new store is located at 3-1-18 Tatenonami, Misato-cho, Ikoma-gun, Nara Prefecture. We plan to open in late May or early June.

We will inform you about the opening date of the new store as soon as it is decided. The online store is still available.

The new summer collection is scheduled to go on sale in mid to late May. looking forward to.

We are currently building a new store. It's our own building called JAM Building.

The first floor is a bakery and DESIGN SETTA SANGO. CAFE FUNCHANA is on the second floor.

It will be reborn as a facility where you can visit the Japanese heritage Tatsuta Kodo and see SETTA, take out bread and coffee, and have lunch at the cafe.

1 minute walk west from JR Misato Station. The business start date has not been confirmed yet, so please wait for a while.