TEMPYO series 6/20 release

Information on the start of pre-order sales of the new "TEMPYO" series.

DESIGN SETTA The new SETTA completed by SANGO over the course of two years will finally be available for pre-order on June 20, 2021.

"TEMPYO" represents the Tenpyo pattern, which is a pattern drawn on the treasure of Shosoin, a World Heritage Site that Nara Prefecture is proud of. The elegant pattern inherited from 1300 years ago is designed by embroidery.

"You know it's beauty-instinct knows that beauty"

The chic and formal design that makes you feel proud of Nara will be widely used in more situations.

DESIGN SETTA SANGO's strength is the comfort of wearing by craftsmanship, and the SETTA design that is addicted to casual style.

Experience Made in NARA JAPAN at your feet this summer.

"TEMPYO" series 4 types

Price: 10800 yen (11880 yen including tax)

You can purchase it from the online store from the DESIGN SETTA SANGO website. It is a pre-order sales style in which the finished product is sent from the person who made the reservation on a first-come, first-served basis. Reception will start from 20:00 PM on June 20th.

The first shipment is limited to 200 pairs. We are planning to sell it worldwide from this fall. Please get it as soon as possible by pre-sale in Japan.