Interview with owner of home-roasted coffee Cauda / Tomohisa Sugisaka

Tomohisa Sugisaka

Home-roasted coffee Cauda owner

Every day I continue to work, he can relax by wearing this setta on his days off.
It's like his switch that switches between ON and OFF in me.
I'm not used to footwear with hanao, but it doesn't hurt.

Home-roasted coffee Cauda BEANS & CAFE

Tomio's famous store Kauda relocated to Saidaiji Temple and opened.
The owner, Barista Tomohisa Sugisaka, is constantly visiting for a cup of coffee roasted in front of him.
The couple's particular space and homemade cake enhance his deliciousness.

3-4-9 Nijo-cho, Nara-shi
Tel / 0742-36-2356
OPEN / 10: 00-22: 00 CLOSE Monday