Rice and Halle Owner / Interview with Shizuka Kawaguchi

Shizuka Kawaguchi

Rice and Halle owner

I'm not good at living with lots of things, but I'm glad she met this setta.
Whether it's going out in the summer or just a little bit far away, this one is enough.
And it was comfortable to wear, and I was able to wear it comfortably while holding my child.
It is indispensable for a simple summer life.

Rice and Halle

A restaurant run by a married couple, Hideya Esaki, a sushi chef, and Shizuka Kawaguchi, a ceramist.
In addition to sushi, the menu such as grilled fish and omelet rolls is lined with carefully selected ingredients cooked carefully.
Take-out lunch boxes are also popular.

4-7-3 Gakuendaiwacho, Nara City
Tel / 0742-31-4399
Please check the store's website for business days. Planning to renew as a take-out specialty store.