Interview with Musician / Maki Honda

Maki Honda


You can feel the wind on your feet when you wear the design setta.
It's like Futen's Too (laughs). Feel free to feel the wind and go on a trip.
It's comfortable to wear and I think it feels good.
(That said, he let me hear the tone of the guitar in a good mood. Of course, while carving the rhythm with the feet of the setta.)

Honda Maki (Honda Maki)

Debuted in 2000 with "Anam & Maki". In 2009, he started solo activities as "Honda Maki" and traveled live all over the country, mainly playing on acoustic guitar.
In 2014, Honda Maki's 1st album "LiveLife!" Was released nationwide.
In 2015, Kaori Hasegawa x Honda Maki's cover unit "Yomogi" was formed and the album "Songs Ishindenon" was released nationwide.
While interacting with various musicians, they are doing a lot of activities!