Ceramist / Utsuwa Interview with her Utatane-san
うつわ うたたねさん

Utsuwa Utatane-san

Ceramic artist

Last year, I wore it down during the summer. For shopping or for a little business.
I'm going to my daughter's house to see my grandson, wearing this setta.
Then her daughter said, "Mom, lend me this!" Later, I wanted to wear it, so I went to collect it (laughs).
I'm most happy about how comfortable it is to wear. I'm looking forward to wearing it this summer as well!

Utsuwa Utatane

A female potter who works mainly in Nara prefecture.
Her work seems to be changing and exploring, and she has one big core of "thinking about the user."
She opens stores at events in Kansai, handmade markets, etc.
Many people fall in love with her lithe personality and buy her vessels.
Instagram / @ utsuwa.utatane