Gallery Kawari Manager / Interview with Maki Kakimoto
垣本 麻希さん

Maki Kakimoto

Gallery Kawari Manager

I wear it when designing and doing office work at the gallery on holidays.
This time is a private time where you can spend time with your dog, Ichikun, and relax in a natural way.
I usually wear pumps and high heels because of my work, but I value the time when I can get barefoot and my heart barefoot.
The setta in Sango Town is perfect for that important relaxing time.

Gallery Kawari

Kakimoto Co., Ltd. was founded in 1890 as a blacksmith in a village that manufactures agricultural equipment in present-day Sango Town, Nara Prefecture.
Hoes, sickles, plows and steel frames, building hardware, craft parts.
A manufacturing gallery found by making the best use of the technology cultivated over many years.

2-19-8 Tatsunokita, Sango Town, Nara Prefecture
TEL / 0745-51-8001
OPEN / Weekdays & 2nd Saturday 10: 00-17: 00