Bactrian camel design / carpenter / Interview with Megumi Ito

Megumi Ito

Bactrian camel design / carpenter

At first glance, I was attracted to "Jute!"
I like things that are made from lively materials. I thought that the soles of my feet would definitely feel good if this was the case.
It didn't hurt from the first day I wore it, and I was able to wear it comfortably.
The point was that they were sold at CAFE FUNCHANA.
There was no doubt (laughs).

Bactrian camel

Kenchikuya creates a fun space in Kizugawa City, Kyoto.
We undertake the design and construction of various stores, mainly in Kyoto and Nara, such as the flower cafe "vert de gris".
While raising two children, he is also involved in the town planning of Kizu.
Her work is still alive in the CAFE FUNCHANA store.